Northwest Master slave Contest Judges

Master Peter Raven

Master Peter Raven is pleased to be on the staff of Southern Nevada Leather Contest. He holds the titles of Great Lakes Leather Alliance Master 2012 and Illinois Leather Master 2012. Master Peter was an active member of Chicago's oldest BDSM Leather Club/dungeon, the LRA of Chicago, was a former board member of same, and has assisting in other fundraising activities for EQ Illinois and PozPets. He is the founder of House of Raven, a small but close knit leather house of like-minded individuals, started the MAsT:Buffalo Grove chapter of MAsT International, is founder and the Vice President of the Red Dragons RC High Desert Chapter, and a member of Luc of LV . Peter is an avid reader and began his kinky reading at the tender age of 10 when he read 'The Story Of O', where he discovered his kinky side very early. He enjoys being active in the BDSM and pansexual community as well as handing out swift beatings to his head-strong slave, Evangeline.


Although interested in leather and fetish since childhood, Matt discovered the Washington, DC Eagle by accident and later found the San Francisco Eagle where he first met Mr. Marcus who advised him never to wear sandals at a leather bar. After moving to Sacramento from the Bay Area, Matt became a part of the Sacramento Valley Leathercorps and became director of Sacramento Valley Heat Leather Festival in 2011, and co-founding the Queer Leather Association Sacramento. In 2014, Matt Served as Mr. Sacramento Bolt Leather. As Mr. Bolt, Matt focused his efforts on preserving the history of the Sacramento Leather Community. He was later elected Emperor XLI of the Court of the Great Northwest Imperial Empire (CGNIE). Since then, Matt has served as Den Daddy at the Mr. Bolt Contest, Mr. and Ms. Santa Clara County Leather Contest, and Mr. San Francisco Rubber Contest. When Matt's not busy traveling for work, he can be found at the nearest leather bar and you can bet he is wearing boots.


Omega is a true Aries, born under the Fire sign of the Ram, , son of the Red Planet Mars - God of War, whose birthstone is the Bloodstone. He identifies as an Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty Dominate Top, who enjoys giving Pleasure to others thru Painfully Pleasant experiences. He discovered the Leather community as a member of the Society of Janus. Omega is a Charter member of both smOdyssey, and Santa Clara County Leather Association, and has held several leadership positions in both groups. Omega currently serves as Vice President of the Northern Nevada Chapter of National Leather Association, and is also a member of Battle Born Leather Club, both in Reno, Nv. He is a qualified Dungeon Monitor and member of SFDMA. He has presented classes on Knife Play, and Military/Police Interrogation gaining much of his knowledge for his play style and interests from his military service.


Ranell is Pacific Coast and International Power Exchange 2015 as part of a triad with her Ms WillowKat and Aren. She has been living and following her Leather path of M/s, D/s, erotic play, and service to the community since 2005. Ranell identifies as Master to ShaynaMaidell, slave to Ms WillowKat, Leather Dyke, and Mystic. She is Co-director of MAsT:Oakland, Board Secretary of the San Francisco Dykes On Bikes, and an Associate Producer of the Ms. San Francisco Leather Contest. Her previous roles have included Logistics for Leather Levi Weekend, Venus' Playground Committee Member, Board Member for Alameda County Leather Corps, Team Lead for North West Leather Celebration, and Sound Engineer for International Ms Leather. Balancing monastic leanings with a polyamorous lifestyle, Ranell has found deep connections to those spirits who have touched hers.

Sir Cougar

Sir Cougar is currently an owner of South Plains Leatherfest and the International Master/slave Contest. With almost 30yrs within the leather community, there isn't much he hasn't seen or done. He is currently a board member of Bound by Desire out of Austin, Texas and a Cadre Officer or the Dyke Uniform Corps. A member of Master Jim's family, happily married and Daddy to slave marsha, Owner to Luna and being served by boy CJ. Life is good!

Sir DaddyDaun

Sir DaddyDaun's journey into leather began in the early 90's when She followed Her interest in service. That led to Her becoming a "house boi" in a formal house. Since then, She has trained, taught, presented, and volunteered, has been a judge, mentor, den Daddy, tally Master, stage manager and board member for many events/venues. Sir DaddyDaun is honored to have received the Portland Leather Woman of the Year award in 2005, the Washington Leather Emerald Award in 2010, and to have been Prince XXXVIII of the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court, and along with Her slavegirl j, 2016 Northwest Master and 2017 International Master. With Her slave j, Sir DaddyDaun teaches across the country and has been the keynote speaker at The Master/slave Gathering. When not presenting or relaxing with Her grandson, She can be found in Her semi being a professional 'slave driver.'

slave Trudy

I am deeply honored to be allowed to serve Master/Thay Z, Texas. I am a member of the Butchmanns Experience faculty and have served as part of the On the Road and Instructor's Teams. I served SWLC as a presenter in 2011, as a judge in 2010 M/s Contest, as the Presenter and VIP Liaison for SWLC 2008, 2009 and 2012 and in 2015 I served as the coordinator for Our Place. After attending SWLC in 2004, I came back to California with a passion to make the Bay Area the home of the Northwest Master slave Contest. I was delighted when it became a reality in 2006. In 2007 I served as an Event Coordinators. I am the Director of MAsT San Francisco. I am a graduate of Journeyman's III Academy. I have served as Leather Traditions staff. I served as a judge for Leather H.E.A.T. 2015 M/s Contest.

Northwest Bootblack Contest Judges


Dara, pronouns they/them or he/him, entered the scene in 2005. He learned basic leather care in his first service relationship, which led Dara to public bootblacking and the leather community. In service to that community, Dara was Oregon State Bootblack 2013 and International Ms Bootblack 2014. Currently, he's Logistics Director for the IMsBB/IMsL Weekend, co-organizing the PDX BootLab, and acting on his passion for formal dinner service. As of 2015, he is Mama's Batman Bootblack. He has taught a variety of topics for events large and small. After years of university teaching and a PhD in German cultural studies, Dara works as a licensed massage therapist and massage instructor. When he remembers to have fun, he enjoys fisting, rough trigger point play, and caning (flagged left), and too many pursuits to list as a bottom. Above all, he flags hunter green right.


Pawlish, International Mr. Bootblack 2017, is passionate about learning and mentorship—fostered by his years at a particularly "fruity" company. After 18 moves across 3 continents, what he's learned is to stay hungry, and IT for an SF startup fits that bill… for now. That hunger also persists when it comes to Leather & kink, where he loves discussing social impact and challenging others' perspectives. He's found resonance with puppy play, bootblacking, and Sir/Daddy roles. Navy, red, and houndstooth, all on the left are his favorite hankies, but don't be afraid to ask about others! You can find him wagging away while putting a shine to a boot, snacking on whatever he's recently baked. Pawlish lives in Cincinnati with his husband, Bamm-Bamm.


A self-identified queer, poly/non-monogamous, leather boi, Q has presented on a variety of topics both here and abroad. A social justice activist for over 20 years and certified sex educator, he is passionate about bringing together the various communities he is a part of through education, speaking engagements and sex work. This charming and flirtatious southern boi resides in Oakland, CA and is always on the lookout for new adventures. Q is honored to hold the titles of International Ms Bootblack 2008 and Southeast Leatherfest Bootblack 2007. In service to his community, Q has presented and/or judged at number of community events including Southwest Leather Conference, International Leather Sir/boy/Community Bootblack, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Toronto Leather Pride, Dark Odyssey Winter Fire, Mr/Ms New Jersey Leather, Black Rose, International Ms Leather/International Ms Bootblack, and Northern California Community Bootblack.

Tyesha Best

Tyesha Best has been in the Leather Community for over 10 years now, having started in online chat rooms before taking her interests offline. Tyesha works tirelessly as cheerleader and advocate for marginalized populations and the girl identity. Currently, Tyesha is currently Media Coordinator of IML Inc, one of very few women to wear the Wingman as a back patch. She is also Asst. Editor in Chief of, A member of Southeast Onyx Pearls, and Secretary of National Leather Association-International. She also has three Mama's Names: Mama's Licorice Lesbian, Mama's Queer Femme Tomboy, and Mama's Chicken Massager. She also holds a Pantheon Of Leather award for the Florida Region. She also is the winner of the NLA-International's Steve Maidhof Award for her community involvement Internationally. Tyesha currently resides in Wilton Manors, Florida and is in a loving family including Sir Kirk Rubén, Alpha William Ferkel and Jacob McManus.