NWLC 2019 Contest Judges and Tallymasters

2019 Northwest Bootblack Judges


International Mr Bootblack 2018, Lucky Rebel, is originally from San Diego, California. He has been involved in leather for over half his life. Getting his start in a motorcycle family he developed an interest in leather early. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon where he served as Mr. Oregon State Leather, 2016. He is a former President of Portland Pets and Handlers and one of the founders of San Diego Pups and Handlers. You can find him bootblacking with the PDX Bootblacks and the Oregon Bears. He is integral to organizing Oregon Leather Pride as a board member for both OLP and Blackout Leather Productions. Some of his favorite flags are hunter green, red, black, maroon, and hounds tooth all on the left.


Teagan Teagan fell in love with bootblacking at a young age, doing her shoes before church. Although these days her skills are being put to more salacious uses, she still identifies as a spiritual bootblack. For her, bootblacking harkens back to the foot-washing ritual. Teagan is International Ms Bootblack 2018, and the 20th person to hold that title. She is based in Oakland, CA. During her title year she invited our community to "Take Refuge" in the capable hands of our bootblacks. She's the executive producer of the San Francisco Bootblack Contest.

Thib Guicherd-Callin

Thib Thib Guicherd-Callin is an entertainer in (or is it entertainment for?) the leather community, originally from France. A long-haired, mustachioed fetish fashionista with a rocking step-dad bod, he has hosted IML/IMBB, ILSb-ICBB, IM/s at South Plain Leatherfest, Northwest Leather Celebration, Southwest Leather Conference, and alas, many others. A two-time IML roastmaster and zero-time IML, his comedy stylings have been tolerated at IMsLBB, Mr. Chicago Leather, Mr. San Francisco Leather, Mr. Los Angeles Leather, and unfortunately, more. Originally from France, People put up with Thib as treasurer of Santa Clara County Leather Association in San Jose, and as a member of Alameda County Leather Corps in Oakland and the California Boots and Breeches Corps in San Francisco.

2019 Northwest Master slave and Person of Leather Judges


DonjaDonja (aka MsCenturian) is a polyamorous bisexual Dominant and owner of ExCenturian. She discovered the Leather community after moving to South Bay Area. Quickly became immersed, and involved by becoming a member of Society of Janus, smOdyssey and Santa Clara County Leather Association. She has been the event coordinator of SCCLA Leather Weekend, Staff member for NWLC, FolsomFringe and IMsL. She served in several leadership positions in smOdyssey. Currently living in Idaho and building a close knit circle of like-minded people with ExCenturian.


Miguel Gustavo aka Miguel Rubio was born in Mexico. He describes himself as an adventurous man who tries new things. He started his journey as a Leatherman while working at the Bolt-Bar. He got the title of Mr. Bolt Leather in 2012 and during his year, he organized many events to support our community, from walking a mile in high heels, to ride more than 1500 miles in 3 years on his bicycle to raise money and awareness for people infected and affected with HIV. He traveled different places, met wonderful people and built great friendships. His favorite judging Mr. Leather Italy in Florence. After his title year, he started working in a Community Clinic as a Counseling, Linkage, and Retention in Care manager, linking HIV+ patients into care as a helping HIV- people to get PrEP. Serving as a community liaison amongst different organizations. He lives in Sacramento, CA.

slave boiDi

slave boiDi Most importantly, slave boiDi is honored to be owned and collared by Ms. Kelly Chance. Little did hy know that when she purchased him for a lap dance at Midori's Bang for the Buck that their two divergent worlds would come together. Hy identifies as a slave/leatherboi. Hy is Northwest slave 2017. After coming out into leather in 1992, hy was one of the last members of the lesbian BDSM group, Outer Limits. slave boiDi has been actively involved with the Center for Sex Positve Culture; Women's Parties advocate, Co-founder of Blood, Sweat and Queers party. Co-ReFounder and past President of Seattle boys of Leather and Washington State Ms. Leather 2010. slave boiDi has presented over 15 years, including Kinkfest, Paradise Unbound, Vancouver Edge, Northwest Leather Celebration, the CSPC, and Lupercalia.

slave Carlene

slave Carlene slave Carlene's Leather journey began in the mid-1980s and she has always been willing to share her knowledge and experiences with other submissives and slaves. In 2004 she was honored to become Master Kelly's slave and was his business partner and wife until his death in 2018. Slave carlene is the co-founder of the California Central Valley Leather Alliance (CCVLA) and facilitates their monthly education munch. She is a member of MAsT Sacramento, MAsT Stockton, Portland Leather Alliance, and The Exiles. She is the founder of the Sacramento Submissive Support Group which provides support for those on the right side of the slash. She has been teaching and mentoring in the Sacramento area for the past 14 years and currently devotes her time to community service and organizing classes, demos and events for CCVLA.

slave Jazz

slave Jazz slave Jazz, with former lives in the theatre world, the tech industry and as a massage therapist—now lives with her Master and their two young children and works promoting sexual freedom. Her writing has been published in Power Exchange Magazine and Kink-e-Zine, as well as on several websites. Jazz is the producer of Sin in the City, a co-founder and executive producer of the International Person of Leather (InterPOL) Contest, the founder of Las Vegas Leather Women (LVLW), and a member of many other lifestyle-related organizations. Over the past 20 years, Jazz has served as the producer for SouthWest Olympus Leather, the Education Coordinator for The Shack, and has contributed as staff, educator, and judge for countless large kink events throughout the United States. She maintains a blog at: https://jazzpup.wordpress.com.

slave larry

slave larry slave larry first entered the Leather, Kink, M/s community in January 2010, and shortly thereafter met Master Morris Taylor who took him under his wing. Later slave larry was humbled, but honored, to have been selected by Master Morris to be his "live out" slave. slave larry worked along with slave jonathan to serve to Master Morris. Somewhat quiet, preferring to work in the background, slave larry assisted Master Morris and slave jonathan in their successful title runs for Northwest, and International Master and slave. slave larry is interested in healthy M/s relationships, particularly those involving more than 2 people. The passing of Master Morris in August of 2016 represented the second great loss in his life. The first was the loss in 2004 of his partner of over 19 years. slave larry is still trying to make sense of it all, and how the M/s dynamic has impacted him.

Trey Fletcher

Trey Fletcher Sometimes referred to as Dude Complex, Trey Fletcher has been a longtime advocate for the LGBT+ community. Beginning with the Knight Hawks of Virginia, Trey was a past member and volunteer for the Alameda Country Leather Corps. A retired veteran of the United States Coast Guard, he was a forerunner as one of the first black trans men within the Coast Guard. He helped pave the way for other Coast Guard Members that identified as LGBTQ+ by coordinating and speaking at official Coast Guard Pride festivities. He has elevated the voice of others as a speaker for the LGBTQ Speakers Bureau, as well as continuing his role of being an outreach leader for black trans men nationwide. Trey's desire to create a visible home for him and other gay/bi Leathermen of color lead him to become one of the Founding Fathers of Onyx Northwest where his is currently serving as President.

2019 Northwest Contest Tallymasters

Naomi – Tallymaster 2019 Northwest Master slave Contest

naomi Naomi serves and is on a life-long journey with her Master and best friend, Master Ben Martin. An active member of the M/s community and alumnus of MTTA, her service contributions include: staff/Faculty of MTTA Academy, assisting in weekend workshops for both Masters and slaves; staff for the Master/slave Conference serving as the Vendor Coordinator and presenting. She supported Master Ben with organizing the MTTA CommunityFest and served as the Volunteer Coordinator. She is the 2017 recipient of the slave bill Volunteer Award. She has presented at South Plains LeatherFest, South East LeatherFest, MsC, the M/s Gathering, CCFF, MAsT groups, and other venues. Naomi hosts and leads the DC slave circle and is a member of MAsT Laurel - Women, DC Pan, and Towson. Naomi is an engineer whose favorite hobbies and activities include hiking, cycling, walking, cooking and baking, and maintaining close friendships.

Ms. Kelly Chance – Tallymaster 2019 Northwest Bootblack Contest

Kelly Chance Ms. Kelly Chance has been an active member of the Northwest BDSM community since 2000. After moving to Seattle in 2004, she became an active in the Seattle community as member of the CSPC and is a founding member of Seattle MAsT. Ms. Kelly is on the Board of Evergreen Leather Events which produces Leather Reign, a Seattle based conference. Ms. Kelly is NW 2017. She has taught classes at In the Woods, Paradise, Vancouver Edge, Kitsap Aces, Northern Exposure, Southwest Leather Conference, Southeast Leatherfest, the M/s Gathering, Kinkfest, Sin in the City and NWLC. She continues to learn and grow as she interacts with both her teachers and her students.

Mike Blacksmith – Tallymaster 2019 Northwest Person of Leather Contest

Mike Blacksmith Mike Blacksmith has lived and played around the world and is the first Nevada Person of Leather and the current titleholder. Mike has a strong commitment to his community and has always been a staunch supporter of local outreach, safety, sexual health and wellness, and educational programs. He has found his home and resides in Reno, NV. Mike was initiated in the 1980's San Francisco and Sacramento Men's Leather scene and he has 34 years of leather community involvement. Mike has been presenting safety, sexual health, men's sexual health, rope and other topics for the past 15 years.