2020 Contest Judges

Northwest Master slave
Northwest Person of Leather

Daddy Sal

Daddy SalDaddy Sal has been a part of the Leather Community and an activist for many years. She is a founder of The Exiles in San Francisco and past producer of the SF Dyke Daddy/Diva Contest. She was co-producer of Leather Traditions, presenting weekends for Doms and service submissives. Most recently she has been keeping busy as producer of Ms. San Francisco Leather Contest. She identifies as a Sir and a Daddy and has had very special boys and girls in her service. Her participation in the community comes from a passion for the Leather lifestyle and especially for mentoring.

Loren Quon

Loren Quon A fixture in the SF Southbay community, she started out by co-leading SCCLA's Leather Weekend event. In 2003, she began performing demos/tastings and in 2005 she started leading workshops. Until her move, she volunteered for SCCLA, ACLC, The Exiles and smOdyssey; anything from treasurer to judging contests to door security to teaching workshops or running to the local market. Loren favors authority dynamics, fire, electricity, suffering, and good manners. She's Mama's Fire-Bringer and has a hell of a time trying to fill out a bio.


Mister-Blue Mister-Blue, along with his slave BlueFrost, was the 2018 International Master/slave titleholder and the 2017 Master/slave titleholder for the Northeast region of the United States. He is also the senior Master of the House of Blue based in Southern Maryland, Deputy Director of Operations for the Master-slave Conference (MsC), board member of MTTA, and board member of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC). He has been publicly active in the BDSM Lifestyle for more than a decade. For many years he has taken on various roles and responsibilities in the community as a Mentor, Presenter, and otherwise genuine source of knowledge in the way he has navigated through Kink, Leather, and BDSM. As a part of his commitment to educating himself and others, he has spoken about the relationship aspect of the Master/slave model at national conferences and Leather events, local munches, and special interest groups.


Richard I found the community in 2005. Over the next decade, I: Volunteered for the SF Citadel as the Project Manager for the move to Mission street Broke down the Folsom Fringe dungeons. Served on the smOdyssey Education and Policies and Procedures committees. I joined the Board of smOdyssey in November 2014 and have served as one or more of: Secretary, President, or Treasurer ever since. I continue to handle a lot of the "administrivia", behind the scenes for smOdyssey.

slave adeena

slave adeena slave adeena started her journey over... now a lady never tells her age! slave adeena is a polyamorous, demi sexual with a love for authority exchange relationships. slave adeena understands the value of a working to build communities. slave adeena has served as the 2017 International Person of Leather. She is a full member of Indiana Leather Club, associate member of Titans of the Midwest and supporting member of Blue Max CC St. Louis. She has presented and judged throughout the United States and Canada. slave adeena continues to grow with each encounter and build others up.

slave amari

slave amari slave amari has been in Master/slave relationship with Master Boromoy for over a decade. Together, they co-host the Tri-cities M/s&D/s munch. slave amari founded and leads TASK to support and educate submissives and slaves. slave amari is honored to have been Washington state slave 2017 and Northwest slave 2018. She is also a member of the Hard Pink Sisterhood. Along with her Master, she has presented workshops at a variety of lifestyle events around the country. When not working or helping her Master around the farm, slave amari enjoys the odd game of chase, takedown scenes, and scenes involving blood.

slave lyle

lyle slave lyle is a retired attorney who practiced health care law. he and his partner have been together for over 35 years. His exploration of leather began late (2010) and slave lyle soon became intrigued with power exchange. he explored by reading, talking to as many people as possible and attending a Butchman's experience weekend. his continuing journey led slave lyle to his current Master and a short training contract. Through that slave lyle realized that being slave is who he is and serving his Master makes his life complete. slave lyle has gratefully been in service to Master Richard Sprott for over 6 years.

Northwest Bootblack

Henry James

Henry James Henry James is Intl Community Bootblack 2006. He believes service, in all its incarnations, can be the foundation to an amazing household, and advocates that service should exist on both sides of the D/s slash. A wanderer for the last few years, he and his boy have now set up permanent residence in Minneapolis, MN.


Liza Liza came to power at Woodstock and has been kinky since. She is a member of Portland Bad Girls, San Francisco Exiles and MAsT, having served or is serving as an officer of all of them. She has always been interested in teaching and training. Among her pupils have been horses, dogs, dolphins, children and inmates. Her interest in leather care began with her horse. Liza has received numerous awards, including MAST International's 2012 Presenter of the Year, co-held with her slave, Jody. They currently live in Portland, Oregon.


Luna Luna began her journey in boots in 2008 with Bay Area native IMsBB 2007, Ms. V. After strenuous training and consistent bar shifts, she won the title of International Community Bootblack in 2011. Luna has bootblacked in Leather Alley at SF Gay Pride, Dore Alley Fair, Folsom Street Fair, B&B Corp Formal Uniform dinner, the Powerhouse Bar, Stompers Boot Party at Folsom and Dore Fairs, and assorted Eagle Bars across the country. To date, Luna has volunteered and raised funds for San Francisco Gay Pride, IMsBBL, SF AIDS Emergency Fund, Breast Cancer Emergency Fund and the Transgender Law Center.