2020 Entertainment

There will be plenty of hot, sexy and classy entertainment at Northwest Leather Celebration!

Brunch Keynote Speaker - Mister-Blue

Mister Blue

Mister-Blue, along with his slave BlueFrost, was the 2018 International Master/slave titleholder and the 2017 Master/slave titleholder for the Northeast region of the United States. He is also the senior Master of the House of Blue based in Southern Maryland, Deputy Director of Operations for the Master-slave Conference (MsC), board member of MTTA, and board member of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC). He has been publicly active in the BDSM Lifestyle for more than a decade. For many years he has taken on various roles and responsibilities in the community as a Mentor, Presenter, and otherwise genuine source of knowledge in the way he has navigated through Kink, Leather, and BDSM. As a part of his commitment to educating himself and others, he has spoken about the relationship aspect of the Master/slave model at national conferences and Leather events, local munches, and special interest groups.

Your Evening Emcee - BlueFrost


BlueFrost, devoted slave, and wife to Mister-Blue, is the 2018 International slave titleholder and the 2017 NorthEast slave titleholder. She is the co-founder and co-visionary of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition and is the Mistress of the House of Blue. Together with her Master, she received the Pantheon of Leather Award for 2018 Couple of the Year. She serves on the staff of the Master/slave Conference where she first embraced her slave identity and found her power in service. She has been active in her local community for many years as she enjoys sharing life choice experiences and information with other slaves and submissives. She routinely speaks at national conferences, special interest groups, and local munches in an effort to help further educate herself and her peers. Her journey has been amazing as she travels the country, affirming the validity and successes of living an authority transfer relationship.

Saturday Luncheon Emcee - tomo


Tomo is a butch leatherdyke who found the leather community during a sunset motorcycle ride with her life partner Mel over 25 years ago and has presented classes, produced events, served as a judge, keynote speaker, and emcee at leather events since. Tomo has been in a relationship with Ms Rhonda for over 10 years, is served by her boy levi and fulfilled to be a part of a chosen leather family. As a supporter of many in the leather community, she is often endearingly called Daddy Tomo. She is a Producer of Northwest Leather Celebration, the Northwest Master slave, Northwest Bootblack, Northwest Person of Leather, and Ms Sacramento Leather Contests. Tomo served along with Ms Rhonda as Northwest Master and slave 2015 and International Master and slave 2016. She was a Producer of International Ms Leather Weekend for seven years and is a founding member of the Dyke Uniform Corps. Tomo is the Director of MAsT: Sacramento, is a member and serves as Webmaster for Queer Leather Association Sacramento, is the West Coast Curator for the Leather Quilt Project, and is a member of MAsT: San Francisco, and The Exiles. She was awarded the Pantheon of Leather President's Award in 2013 and the Master slave Conference slave Heart Award in 2018.

Sunday Brunch Emcee - Erich


Erich entered the Leather community in 1995 at a truck stop in Dallas, Texas before relocating to San Jose and the South SF Bay area in 1997. He has been involved in M/s relationships for much of that time, most recently serving his cherished Lady, Ms Margaret Anderson, for 11 years prior to her passing. He has served his hometown clubs – Santa Clara County Leather Association and smOdyssey, Inc - over those years as a member in several coordinator and volunteer roles before helping create the Northwest Leather Celebration, serving as assistant producer from 2008 through 2014. Erich assumed the role of executive producer for 2015, and proudly became co-owner and producer of NWLC. Outside of the community he works as a technologist turned manager in Silicon Valley, loves soccer as both a player and a fan, has studied karate and competes in half-marathons and triathlons.  



We have some incredible entertainment for the Friday night Formal Dinner Contest Opening as well as the Saturday night Contest Finale. Join us for a hot, sexy performance by LE, Femme Queen and Lesbian Extraordinaire! LE has charmed her way into people's hearts with her natural talent, love of performing arts, and seductive vocals. LE currently resides in Oregon and is no stranger to the NWLC stage. She has performed at various events across the country including PRIDE, Folsom, and 12 Days. Community service is a passion and performing is one way of giving back. She is excited to be able to contribute to the NWLC titleholders and community.