Contestants are listed in the order their application was received.

Northwest Master slave Contestants

LaStrega and her amata

lastrega and her amata

LaStrega and her amata have enjoyed a loving family life within a thriving M/s Authority Exchange household for the past 8 years. They are co-founders of MAsT: Fresno and facilitate monthly meetings. Community activities regularly include leading discussion groups for Dominants and submissives, mentoring individuals, mediating, volunteering with local LGBTQ+ organizations, presenting in and around central California, and volunteering for kink and vanilla events alike. They are proud parents of 3 adult humans, 2 of which are transgender. As members of the Fresno Leather Advocacy Group, the LaStregas are strong advocates of education, community service, consent, and the Leather Lifestyle. They are also active in advancing transgender rights, autism awareness, disabled individual advocacy, life skills training, conflict resolution, and of course, healthy M/s relationships. The LaStregas are most passionate about effective communication, service, personal responsibility, introspection, solutions management, hard work, self-improvement, and integrity.

Northwest Bootblack Contestants



Kelly has been active in the boot scene for 8 years as intowhat64. She took her first class from Charming Chelle in 2010 and fell in love with boot blacking. She has been carefully honing her skills for the last several years and was honored to volunteer at Northwest Leather in 2018. She ran for Northwest Bootblack in May 2019 and is currently working on the judges suggestions to improve upon her skills and knowledge. Kelly taught her first boot black class last year for QLAS, She however, has extensive experience teaching other subjects. She is actively pursuing interested parties to participate in the Sacramento Area Boot Lab and Cigar Social. Kelly has had the chance to gain confidence in her abilities working with customers in stands at Folsom Street Venus Playground, Northwest Leather, Folsom Street Fair, at Bolt and at Revelry in Reno, NV.



Jessie is a Black Leather boi with a touch of femme. She is a Shoeshiner by trade and Bootblacks as your San Francisco Bootblack 2020. She sets up her stand for Puff cigar club, Onyx NW, and The Unruly Social Club. She serves as staff annually at Desire Leather Women Unleashed since 2015, and is part of the producution team of the San Francisco Leather Women's History Project. She finds contentment in the crafting and care of leather while ingesting as much Anime as possible. Her Yuri Manga collection grows almost as quickly as she picks up knowledge in Bootblacking. She's always willing to chat leather and anime anytime!

Northwest Person of Leather Contestants

slave ann

slave ann

slave ann is a bisexual slave to Master John, and wife to her love. she has been married to her beloved Master since 2000 and together they married the love of their lives, kim, in 2010. slave ann found the vocabulary to describe her naturally submissive nature online in the early 90's. she tried swinging with her former husband and one of the partners introduced her to real life D/s, the joy of pain, and that women are sexy. she decided to relocate to the Pacific Northwest from Wyoming so she could fully explore her sexuality. ann is active in the community by being the treasurer of Evergreen Leather Events which produces Leather Reign, is one of the producers of the Washington State Master/slave contest, and is a proud sister of the HardPink Sisterhood.



Sejay Chu is a pansexual, transgender, biracial puppy, switch, and proud poly slut! They joined the leather scene as a safer sex educator over a decade ago, then got a one-way plane ticket to the International Ms. Bootblack/Leather Contest in San Francisco, and made the Bay Area their forever-home. Sejay shamelessly flirts at… err, that is, runs events and play party 101 classes to hundreds of new kinsters every year. When they're not doing that, Sejay volunteers as a sex-positive drag performer, storyteller, and local dungeon/community event space house manager. A sadistic punster and geeky role play enthusiast, when not sporting a Star Trek commander's uniform onesie or service dog vest in the dungeon, you will find them flagging the hanky code (black, grey, red, all the colors of the rainbow!) and a chest harness at the local gay leather bar. Woof!

Steward Dorian

steward dorian

Steward Dorian is The Leather Privateer! They have been in the Leather community for over 7 years. After returning from their 2nd Combat Tour, they sought out the Kink/Leather community and discovered the Renaissance/Pirate community. Within these groups they found solace, healing, self-exploration, growth, and COMMUNITY! They have been a Nationally Registered EMT for over 14 years, served nearly 11 years in the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic, and are currently a Wildland Firefighter. Running their own business, Steward Dorian is a motivation and life skills speaker, as well as being a sex-positive and kink educator. They travel around the country teaching, utilizing the opportunity to explore many different communities and cultures along their way. With their interest in kink and reenactment events, they began leather crafting, making half of their attire and various toys. Sharing knowledge and creativity is their driving force and joy.